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Irene Goodman, FRI : President - Broker
Irene Goodman, FRI
President - Broker
By choosing Regency Park Realty as your real estate company, you are dealing with more than a salesperson, you are dealing with a person who is at the top of their trade. As a broker, my knowledge of the real estate industry can enable you to make residential decisions - quickly and accurately.
From our experience in real estate, we know that your home is more than the place you live. It's most likely the single largest investment you have made for your family's future. As a client of Regency Park, you will receive a broker's expert advice on buying and selling your property; we will develop a confidential, personalized property portfolio in accordance with your current needs and future goals; and, more importantly, you will receive professional real estate investment advice.
This service has resulted in many successful long-term associations with clients who are active building real estate equity for their future. We look forward to discussing your real estate needs with you!
We service West Toronto including The Old Kingsway, Riverside, Old Mill, Baby Point, and Central Toronto.
Please take the time to review our current listings. If you have any questions reagrding the listings, please call or email us! We now have IPIX Virtual Tours, click here, to see the tours.
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